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It doesn’t need much effort to see that things are organized (also) in sizes. There is our (the humans’) size, the ant size, the mountain size, the molecule size etc.. People are all born as people, you only are human if you comply with the physical and mental proportions of the humans. Sizes define things.

The example of the ant.

Think about a little ant. Try to see through its eyes. As an ant now, walk straight through the space available in front of you to find food. At some moment, the ground starts shaking. You can only understand the shaking and that it’s coming from the ground. You don’t know what causes it.

From another point of view, you are a human. On your right hand there is an ant walking. Suddenly, you shake your hand. The ant stays still, not understanding what is going on. The ant could not understand that it was walking on a human’s hand, neither will it ever be able to understand it. But it can understand the things of its size.

It’s just a way to feel happier.

When you finally understand that you are unable to know what’s bigger than you, you may feel uncomfortable and confined. Well, think about it again and now understand how relieving it is that you don’t have to care about things bigger than you. The birth and death of the universe, for example, are just too far away from us and so big: We can’t understand them and at the same time we have nothing to gain by doing so.

What is our size?

Our size is the world that exists both in our mind and in the physical world: that is society. It’s the micro-world that we create to live in. Notice that society itself is too big for a person to understand. But it’s the species as a whole that holds society’s meaning. So, we shouldn’t be bothered to find out what happens after we die, or how do the planets revolve, or why light travels so fast, because we’ re too small for it. No, I don’t say that we should live in the dark, but it’s about the level of importance of each thing. I say that it’s more important to have a nice place in society and to have a great woman (or women 😉 ) by you, than to try to grasp things out of our range. Why? Because, it’s more likely that the goods of society will provide us with joy and happiness. Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying: Science is good, philosophy is great, but when it comes to happiness the only thing working (by experience) is the more practical and everyday things.


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