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I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.


It should definitely become the main rule of your life, because many times the cause of unhappiness is for the things not to go as they were expected.

We can schedule… up to 1 second later… maybe less.

Really, you can’t be sure about what will happen 1 minute later, not to say about 1 month. Don’t schedule things: You should just forge a strong will that will behave in the manner you want to when any situation arises. Me, when I said “I will do this thing this week and the other next week” everything went just in the opposite direction, and that wasn’t a bad direction, just a different than I had expected.

You don’t have any knowledge.

Why? Because knowledge does not last. Also, knowledge differs as viewers differ. Something that is right for you probably isn’t for many other people and even if it is for the majority of others it won’t be after some years.

There is no knowledge, only desires and phenomena.

Knowledge is only a trick of our mind. There are no same things in this world: How could there be knowledge that is based on similarities? Knowledge exist only in our mind. There is no universal knowledge or universal truth.

Everything is in a state of flux.


One thing less to care about: the future.

Never overestimate your ability to foresee things. This ability is based on our probability processing brain. So what: You never know. You can’t schedule. You can be happy: Relax and watch the story of your life and the miracle of situations unfold.


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