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There come times in our life where we feel something that we call “anxiety“. Why for? Because we try to be bigger than we should. People are small, that’s their nature and life can’t be happy unless we accept our size.

“Bigger” is bad egoism.

Most people are hollow. They seem to miss something, don’t know what. Because of that they want to be bigger. They probably haven’t realize that their hollowness follows their growth. Anyway, wanting to be bigger (as anyone would mean that) cannot have an end in an infinite space (both physically as well as mentally) and that’s why it can’t lead to the fulfillment of this need.

Have you ever seen the stars?

You can never be content about how powerful you are: Even if you are really powerful in our society, you still are a small piece of dust in the whole universe. Accept your size and that’s the first step towards the permanent smile in your face. 🙂

Be practical!

Ok, you may be anxious everyday and frequently use words like “obligated”. Hahaha! I’m laughing at you! 😀 Do you really think that YOU, just a mere person among the millions that have lived and died, that you are anywhere close to important? No, you can’t be obligated, because your actions affect only YOU and a few people close to you. And you can even put these people out: You live only for YOU.

Be free.

Take a look at the routine. Just stay back for a while and take a simple look at the series of everyday events called “routine”. Do you notice? Yes, it’s consisted of truly unimportant simple things. And do you notice something more? Yes, even the routine has an end: Your end! Understand the importance that every moment of your life has and do yourself a favor and be more carefree.


The world existed great before you were born and will still exist great after you die.

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