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There come many times in our lives that we use words like “bored” and “not interesting”. Well, it’s a shame because that’s only a side effect of one of our functions: habit. Yes, when something becomes a habit it instantly loses its value. And yes, our life itself is a habit.

Break the habit.

What’s a common thing in all habits: repetition. You probably do the same things everyday; That’s only normal, most people do so. But most people are bored and most people are unhappy. Break the habit, do something totally different, out of your mind, out of your environment. Do something that will make you feel like another person. This is the first step to break the habit-illusion of living.


Then try to see things up close. Life is made up of indefinite things, but when you are a member of the club called “routine” everything melts to form a smooth shape, without details. That makes you thing that life is not interesting. No! Not interesting is YOUR way of living, it’s the road that YOU are following. Don’t blame life for being bored: in the end, life does not exist if YOU don’t exist. You create life, you can make it boring or interesting; It’s a matter of perception.

Magnify, I said!

Well, don’t try to hard. Just try to listen what people say at the bus when you go to work in the morning, just stand still in the road at night and watch the stars, just touch a little flower, just sleep in the evening, just think about how-the-hell does you computer do all those things.

Believe me, even without trying you could be mad with all those interesting things around you.

Life is not boring, it’s utterly interesting!


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