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It’s nothing strange or unknown, yet it’s often forgot. Laughter! Yes, being happy is the sum of many small happy-pieces: Add many laughs in your day and the month, the year, your life is going to be much happier.


Since this is a blog, let me show you just a piece of the Internet’s power to make you laugh.

  1. YouTube: Search things like “jim carrey”, “comedian”, “funny animals”, “cute animals”, “fail”, “funny accident” etc. You can be entertained for hours straight and you can’t see every funny video even if you start from now till… the end of time. :p
  2. LolSites: Hehe… The term is probably mine, but I mean sites like icanhascheezburger and thefailblog. Sure, that kind of sense-of-humor must be developed, but once you grasp it you will have many laughing times every day. Lolcats are culture!!! 😀
  3. MySpace and social networking sites: Well, these sites are much funnier than they were meant to be. It may need some effort, but you can find some hilarious profiles, with some photos in so MySpace-styles poses that you will cry laughing. 🙂

And if you don’t like to use the Internet for your laughing fix:

  1. See a comedy in your DVD player. You can ask someone about his favorite comedy movie. Make a list with about 20 of them and see one or two each week. Have fun.
  2. Get together with a good friend, drink some scotch and let the conversation begin. It’s an open road to a funny night! 🙂
  3. Just laugh? Try laughing for no apparent reason. It’s easier than it looks and makes you feel quite good! 😀

Generally, what makes us not laugh much is taking things too seriously. Believe me, nothing is as serious as it looks, not to say that nothing is serious. Try to be more “light” and “cool”. One more step towards a happy life.


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