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Many times I have seen people crying over something they can’t achieve. I laugh at them. You see, there is probably nothing that you can’t do, if someone else has already done it.

Want to do something? Just do it!

It’s all a matter of believing in something and wanting it much. No one stopped smoking before he absolutely decided to. If your will is strong, it’s quite rare to not be able to achieve anything in a given time.

This blog post is small…

…because there isn’t much to say. The simple way to do anything… is doing it. Really, stand back for a while and take a look at the situtation: Someone else (human probably, like you) has already done this and it’s not that difficult. Stop acting like a kid… don’t lie to yourself about your abilities.

An example of being able to do anything if you try.

Another example…


Decide something and focus on doing it. Anything else is lying to yourself.


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