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Let’s get it laconic: Philosophers are dead.

The word doesn’t need philosophers (?)

The cradle of philosophy was ancient Greece (and more specifically ancient Athens). Back then philosophers used to be of utmost importance to the society, they were highly respectable people. Bring to your mind Plato, one of the most important philosophers in history: He was totally influential to his city (as in “country” back then), his subjects of interest included philosophy as well as rhetoric, logic and mathematics and he left us students like Aristotle (which means that his philosophy stayed alive and evolved).

Looking for philosophers.

Are there people like this today? Probably no. There may be highly influential people, there may be excellent studiers of rhetoric or mathematics, there may be people that leave their stigma after their death, but there are no people that combine all of these attributes. I guess that this situation is simply the result of the society’s mechanics: We don’t need philosophers – we don’t allow them to exist.

When did philosophers die?

One of the greatest philosophers ever, Nietzsche, died on 1900. It wasn’t until recently that true philosophers ceased to exist. Is it a coincidence that the great industrial age was on its starters? I think that this is the situation that made philosophers unnecessary.


The industrial age brought up both a tremendous evolvement in the number and depth of the scientific areas and an over-abundance of luxuries.

  • Today’s science demands special abilities in certain fields. One isn’t able anymore to excel in many fields, thus making the existence of a philosopher (one that is broadly oriented) unnecessary.
  • The over-abundance of luxuries creates for us an environment that does not promote original philosophical thought.
  • Our modern religions provide pre-fabricated truths for everybody. No one needs to think about death; They “know” about it (or so they believe). And as a great philosopher said “Philosophy is thinking/studying about death”.

Do we need philosophers?

There are so many things that have been already said or written that it’s almost unfeasible to create original thought nowadays. I suggest to anyone that wants to learn about great thoughts from the greatest minds that have ever lived to study 2 things:

  1. Ancient greek philosophy – Probably contains everything you need and it is so vast that you won’t be able to read everything in two lives.
  2. Friedrich Nietzsche’s work – Probably the most original thought of the latest centuries even if he still walks on ancient Greeks’ footsteps.

(to be continued)


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