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You know that voice right? – That voice inside you that always tells you what NOT to do: “Don’t stand up for your right!“, “Don’t punch that idiot that made you feel bad!“, “Don’t talk to that woman that you like“.

Don’t, don’t and don’t. Believe me, any kind of positive change is always a sum of various DOs!

The nature of the voice.

I would call that voice an expression of you inner fears. It’s just a mechanism that prevents you from taking unnecessary risks. That may would have worked in a life with constant danger but in our society fear can only hold you back. Accept the fact that fear has held you back many times in your life: It has happened to anyone of us. Can’t you find any people in your past that were very “free” and always had the good stuff happening around them?

Recognize the voice.

The first step to start gaining from this voice is to recognize it.

The easiest way is like this: (for men that is – try finding an equivalent situation if you are a woman) Go out to a cafe/bar. Look around. See any woman that you really like? If you do, think about going to talk to her. You will probably hear a voice inside you that tells you something like “Well, you are not good enough for her” or “Come on, you are not in the mood today, do it tomorrow”. I call this: “The fist step to NOT succeed”.

Now, remember that voice. Can you recognize its instances in other parts of your life? Can you recall that “burning feeling” in your stomach that it comes with? Create a mind-alarm that always notifies you: “Hey! That’s the voice!”.

The only difficult step: Overcoming the voice.

Now, trust me. There is one major step to making that voice work for you. That is to overcome it once: Then you will be able to use the memory of that achievement and do whatever you want.

Just get in a situtation where “the voice” tells you what NOT to do. For example, some person somewhere makes you angry for some reason (generic situation, huh? 🙂 ). You would normally be patient and say nothing. Now, do the difference: Stand up and say what you want. It doesn’t have to happen in an angry way, just say what you want to say.

You will almost definitely feel very good and satisfied with yourself. Remember the feeling. Remember the pattern of the situations.

Fuck the voice/Make use of the voice.

Learn to ignore the voice, but even better make the voice a way to understand when you really want to do something. I mean, when the voice says DON’T, be sure that you have to DO it!

Try it once. Even better make it a part of your life, being fearless. Be able to really listen to what your mind says. Turn the DON’Ts into DOs. Be happier.


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