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Everyday, while watching my life unfold, I notice various things: One is the beginning of all relationships.

I mean, there is a first time for meeting anyone: Your friends, your lovers, even your parents.

It’s definite that people are of utmost importance to each other. You probably can’t live alone, except if your are a god or a beast. You need others to BE something, you need others to WANT something, you need others to HAVE something. Of course, the overhuman is the one that will surpass all of these limitation, but that’s another subject to open.

So, we can say that:

  1. There is always a first-time meeting for everyone.
  2. Other people are the basis of our lives.

But it’s not only the amount of people that matters. People are different from each other: You can name them one by one, each one of them having a different effect in YOUR life.

So, are people that much important?

There were some few times that I told to someone: “Well, I really can’t imagine my life before meeting you”. And, yes, there was quite some truth in this statement of mine, but after some time and some variations in the circumstances of each relationship, I came to say: “I had been living long before I met that someone and I will still be living after he leaves my side”.

People are important only when you want them to.

Once again, the cause of the problem is (guess what?): YOU! It’s just the need to make your things look important. You WANT everyone to be important to you, just to believe that YOU are important.

People are replaceable.

Have fun with people, share emotions with people, believe in them, love them… But always keep in mind. There are so many people that you haven’t met yet, so many possibilities. People are easily replaceable.


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