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People are egoistic in a way that they come to believe that they can arrange future. They schedule without any disbelief over their predictions. They dream and put their feelings on a calendar. People are stupid; You can’t schedule anything.

You are too small.

And the world is too big. It’s just a matter of variables: You are one variable and your environment is infinite variables. Even if you really have control over your actions – which you don’t -, even then how can you control everything else? Our mind is not made to create a future: Just sit back and enjoy the ride

or become angry and dissapointed.

Where do people usually make the mistake of thinking too deep in the future?

  • A romantic relationship: You make dreams for years in the future, for marriage and kids but you can’t predict the wonderful person that will show up tommorow and “steal your heart”.
  • A friendly relationship: You become so much used to a person’s company that you arrange a future based partially on his/her influence. But you can’t predict that you will be bored of him tomorrow/or that he will die in a car crash.
  • A day’s planning: You say that you will go for dinner at night, but you can’t predict that terrible headache that will make you stay at home

Do you get the point? You never had any control over your life: We are spectators and commentators, maybe even actors, but definitely not directors of our life.

The “first step only” rule.

Of course, these are generalizations. We can predict things according to circumstances and we should try to abide to the possibilities. But when we think about the future we should keep in mind the the second step to any action is too “far away”  for us to be able to predict. Think about “the first step” only.

You are going to hit on a woman/man that you like? The “first step” prediction is the arrangement of the “hitting on” situation. Thinking about the probable response is a “second step”: Stay away from this – Anything except the first step is not at all dependent on your behavior.

The “first step” always consists of half of you. You create a situation inside an environment – Half is you and half is the environment variables. But the second step doesn’t have any of you – It’s just million of possibilities that you don’t know of.

Keep it to “one step” or

…become angry, unsatisfied, scared, misunderstood, dumb, endangered and many more bad words :).

Anyway, following the first step rule can also help you do things that you wouldn’t otherwise do. Think about how many times you were prevented to do something just by the image of a bad occurence that you predicted as a consequence. The first-step alone rarely contains fear – It’s pure impulse.

And some more words…

Life is full of unforeseen happenings, of random incidents and interesting things. I am not able to really predict anything even in the next few seconds of my life – Why should I bother with arranging the future? In the end, that’s why life is interesting. The one day you send roses to the woman that you love and the other day you don’t even want to see her. Interesting… 😉


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