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Breaks as in “taking a break”. There are breaks in TV-programs, football matches, sexual intercourse… but here I’m speaking about taking a break in your everyday life.

The river shape – The flow

We may refer to “the flow” most times as “an enhanced way of perceiving” (see Flow on Wikipedia for more) but sometimes it can be a bad situation in your life – See it as a flow that drags you without being able to react. Some people call it routine. To be more precise, when you do something for a long time without major changes in its execution (living for example – yes! living!), you can visualize that certain action taking a “river shape”. You are in the flowing river of actions, on a path that has been forged by routine – You are in a diminished state of awareness. You can’t control a river. Well, you shouldn’t want your life to have the river shape.

Break the (bad) flow

Calling the flow “bad” or “good” may sound like “good” and “bad” cholesterol, which is a great generalization, but I think that you get the point.

Just have a break. It’s personal experience talking here: Any problem that I ever had and seemed like a big and difficult situation always transformed to a small nuance just when I went on vacations or returned for a while to my home village. You don’t have to shock your routine in a big way…

…it’s just an issue of environments.

Just like a fish can’t survive outside its environment (…ummm… the sea), a problem can’t survive (at least easily) outside its own environment. Making a problem weaker is the first step to solving it.

Having problems that are work related, take a break from work (total break). Having problems that are gym related, take a break for the gym (yes, it has physical appliance as well). Having problems with your “significant other”? Well, take a break from that relationship.

* Irrelevant Thing * Something amazing happened just now!  I was reading the post before posting it and the moment that I was in the part that says “…significant other…” there was that song called “By the monument” by Maximo Park playing in the background and it seems that it has those words in the lyrics… And it I heard it by chance just when I was reading those two words… It’s so creepy!.. And it’s my first time listening to that song…

Generally, it’s a rule that works: Breaks are essential to everything. And in the end, life itself supports the idea of breaks – They exist in the core of most living organisms – See what I’m talking about here. Probably life knows better that you, right? 😉


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