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I am not a teacher of life, that’s for sure, yet I’m recommending ways of living in this blog. Well, I’m a person that tries out many approaches in everyday life, that’s why I happen to make many (many!) mistakes. These mistakes give me answers to mine and others’ problems.

All the experience that I gain from encountering people, living my life and thinking, I use them to post in this blog called “After you wake up“.

Before reading my posts, have in mind: “Everything changes” – I’m not bounded by my opinions. This blog may be a way to see my own thoughts written down and criticize them myself. Opinions may change, nothing is for sure. 🙂

Anyway, the basics of my living philosophy are:

  1. Be happy for any reason; There are very few things that deserve a moment of anger or unhappiness.
  2. Don’t be afraid (of anything); Don’t be afraid to do what you momentarily want; In other words: Be spontaneous; In other words: KILL THE VOICE!
  3. The life is only the life that we know: That’s why we need to get the most out of it. Try to be the best you can in any aspect of your life, such as keeping your body healthy, a thing that many people neglect, not understanding that it’s their life itself.
  4. Believing in yourself is the only way to believe in life.
  5. Don’t pray – Act!
  6. Love brings love, yet stupidity brings unhappiness.
  7. I like number 7! 🙂

And it’s simple in the end: If you have nothing better to do, read my blog. Why not even subscribe to my RSS? Comment?

I don’t have any obligation to post at certain days, but I assure you that now and then some read-worthy post will show up.

And about me: My name is Alexandros and I am from Greece.At the moment, I’m studying Computer Science. I love the good life, spending time with great people and reading. I love working out, so I spent some hours per week at the gym. I also feel great when I’m reading the latest blog posts from around the net, while lying down with my laptop listening to Sade.


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