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You know that voice right? – That voice inside you that always tells you what NOT to do: “Don’t stand up for your right!“, “Don’t punch that idiot that made you feel bad!“, “Don’t talk to that woman that you like“.

Don’t, don’t and don’t. Believe me, any kind of positive change is always a sum of various DOs!

The nature of the voice.

I would call that voice an expression of you inner fears. It’s just a mechanism that prevents you from taking unnecessary risks. That may would have worked in a life with constant danger but in our society fear can only hold you back. Accept the fact that fear has held you back many times in your life: It has happened to anyone of us. Can’t you find any people in your past that were very “free” and always had the good stuff happening around them? Read More »


Let’s get it laconic: Philosophers are dead.

The word doesn’t need philosophers (?)

The cradle of philosophy was ancient Greece (and more specifically ancient Athens). Back then philosophers used to be of utmost importance to the society, they were highly respectable people. Bring to your mind Plato, one of the most important philosophers in history: He was totally influential to his city (as in “country” back then), his subjects of interest included philosophy as well as rhetoric, logic and mathematics and he left us students like Aristotle (which means that his philosophy stayed alive and evolved). Read More »

Everyday-life situations is what “feeds” us with experiences; That’s what our personality needs to grow up. Definitely every normal day should be full of those, but you can be amazed at how much experience you can gain from “your past” itself.

Let me propose three interesting ways to “squeeze” every experience-goodness from your past life:

1. The photo album

I generally don’t like photographs: They are like worshiping a mere moment of life, they are many times very “set up” and they can also make you feel bad (especially if you are old). But photographs have an amazing power to dig the deepest memories in your mind. You can be shocked at how many things you have forgotten over the last years, just by taking a look at a photo album.

How do we gain experience from that? By looking at yourself in a picture you look someone with different thoughts than you, someone that would react differently to many things. You can compare you to that person (your past self) and see where you have improved and where you should have. You can look at yourself from a third-person point of view and probably out of an emotionally-charged state: Mistake back then? – Mistake if you repeat it again.

Check out also the people around you in the photos. Remember what they said back then? Did they stand up to their words? Did they behave badly? Do you recognise any signs of bad behavior in your photos? Don’t forget the behavioral patterns of others and you won’t be late to react for a second time.

2. Your diaries/poems/personal notes.

These three things are possibly the most emotional remnants of your past. Read a love poem that you wrote one year ago. Remember when you were crying back then about a woman? Now, does she worth anything in your life? Probably not: Learn that emotions are quite temporary. Also learn that many times our intense feelings tend to “blind” our valuable logic. Generally, compare your “emotional-blinded” self with your present one. Gain experience and act better in the future.

3. The discussions

Grab a person that was close to you in the past and take him/her out for a coffee. Should it be your ex-girlfriend, your ex-boyfriend or a friend that isn’t anymore, it doesn’t matter. Sit in a table and talk about your common experiences in the past. Ask him about how he perceived things back then from his/her point of view: Compare that with your own thought of back then. Do you see how many times we may not understand what people are thinking? If this doesn’t fill you with everyday-applicable experience, then you probably are deaf and blind: Consult a doctor. 🙂

A wise man does not make the same mistake for a second time“. That’s what people say; I agree. Learn from your past and act accordingly in the present. But always have in mind that what’s “good” for someone may not also be “good” for you. You may judge things only in perspective with YOUR ideals: Dogmas and “unproven truths” aren’t “good” for smart people. 😉

Many times I have seen people crying over something they can’t achieve. I laugh at them. You see, there is probably nothing that you can’t do, if someone else has already done it.

Want to do something? Just do it!

It’s all a matter of believing in something and wanting it much. No one stopped smoking before he absolutely decided to. If your will is strong, it’s quite rare to not be able to achieve anything in a given time.

This blog post is small…

…because there isn’t much to say. The simple way to do anything… is doing it. Really, stand back for a while and take a look at the situtation: Someone else (human probably, like you) has already done this and it’s not that difficult. Stop acting like a kid… don’t lie to yourself about your abilities.

An example of being able to do anything if you try.

Another example…


Decide something and focus on doing it. Anything else is lying to yourself.

Electric muscle stimulation, complicated starve-diets, training machines, personal trainers, pills, light foods… All of these are the epitome of CRAP! In a society that suffers from fatness and unhealthiness, clever marketers don’t waste their time and gain money from all of our health problems.

Once again, let me say: It’s so simple!

There are only two things that a great body needs:

  1. Training – Go to the gym or just get out there with your running shoes (and run 🙂 ). Simple? Hell yeah.
  2. Nutrition – Healthy diet and normal calorie intake. Simple? Definitely.

WE make it difficult.

You see, it should be common sense that every person works out everyday and it should be common sense that people don’t eat at McDonald’s more than once per week. But our everyday life has become so much depended on machines and not depended on our own body’s abilities that we are becoming an anomaly. Anyway, we can correct this.

About working out.

Everyone should work out at least 3 times per week. That’s a rule: If you don’t follow it, you won’t be healthy.

  • Any workout should contain a cardio-training and a resistance-training part.
  • Walking is not an option: Running is the only thing that would work.
  • The resistance training is very important for a healthy body: Go to they gym and ask for a program. Don’t have the fear of getting bulky: No one got bulkier without trying TOO hard. You can’t get bulky by accident, believe me.
  • If you are not sweating and feeling somewhat tired you are doing nothing special.

About nurtition/diet.

These are cliche-stuff. Everyone knows them. Let me repeat them once more.

You should eat breakfast everyday. Then fill your day with three-four more meals once every 3-4 hours.

  • Don’t eat fast food.
  • Don’t eat heavily processed foods.
  • Don’t eat much fat (not much does not mean none – fat is important in low quantities).
  • Do cook your own food using fresh ingredients.
  • Do consume many vegetables and fruits.
  • Do have a variety in foods.

It’s so common sense that it makes me feel stupid to write these. Since I’m acting so stupid let me say the most important one: Do not eat too much! Even if you follow the healthiest diet you won’t ever be lean if you consume more energy than you spend.

Simple math:

  • Eat more than you burn = Get fat.
  • Eat what you burn = Stay as you are.
  • Eat less than you burn = Lose weight.

The great body is a combination of working out and dieting.

Following a diet alone is not going to make you great. Losing weight means that you both lost fat and muscle. That muscle can only be kept on your body (you want that) only if you do some resistance training. Simple things once again.

Why do all these?

I’ll get deeper into the subject on an upcoming post but in a few words: All that you are, that is your body. You are your body. Body=You=Existence=World. All your thoughts and senses are created by this body. A machines that is in a crappy condition works like crap. You get the point.

How to do all these?

Before I got for the first time to the gym I thought it would be much to tiring for me. I had no passion.

I just had to push myself and go for the first time. Then, it immediately became the thing that I long for everyday. It became a wonderful routine. Maintaining a nice diet is also a similar thing: You just have to be determined.

In the end, if you are unhealthy and bored to do something about it, don’t do anything. Sit there in your couch, watch some tv, eat some chips, go take a dump, sweat, sleep, die… and let the rest of us enjoy the fruits of life. Or join us. Just make a choice. Simple things.

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