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People are egoistic in a way that they come to believe that they can arrange future. They schedule without any disbelief over their predictions. They dream and put their feelings on a calendar. People are stupid; You can’t schedule anything.

You are too small.

And the world is too big. It’s just a matter of variables: You are one variable and your environment is infinite variables. Even if you really have control over your actions – which you don’t -, even then how can you control everything else? Our mind is not made to create a future: Just sit back and enjoy the ride

or become angry and dissapointed.

Where do people usually make the mistake of thinking too deep in the future?

  • A romantic relationship: You make dreams for years in the future, for marriage and kids but you can’t predict the wonderful person that will show up tommorow and “steal your heart”.
  • A friendly relationship: You become so much used to a person’s company that you arrange a future based partially on his/her influence. But you can’t predict that you will be bored of him tomorrow/or that he will die in a car crash.
  • A day’s planning: You say that you will go for dinner at night, but you can’t predict that terrible headache that will make you stay at home

Do you get the point? You never had any control over your life: We are spectators and commentators, maybe even actors, but definitely not directors of our life. Read More »


You have probably watched a soap-opera at least once in your life. It’s those tv-series that include one or two families, the members of which engage in all sorts of drama: from marrying and divorcing each other, to getting in jail etc..

We bring soap-opera in our lives.

A persons mind always needs to have something to care for: that’s its function. At the same time, most people’s lives can be considered boring. That’s why instinctively we try to create situations that could fit in a soap-opera script. We tend to complicate the simplest of things, just to spice up a tasteless life.

I consider it masochism.

Think about an ordinary teenage couple. The teenage example is better because it’s the part of our lives where we need the most of the spicing-up. So, it’s common that one of the two falls in love with someone else. A nice and simple way to deal with this would be to just admit it to the other and leave the current erotic relationship. But no, that never happens. Instead, he/she would keep the double relationship, while crying at night for having no option and would use words of epic proportions of pain to describe the situation.

Things are always quite simple. We make them difficult.

Between two friends, there could be a situation where the one does something that the other does not approve. The simple and nice way to deal with this would be to not deal with it in the first place. Instead, the “soap-opera” way would be for the friend to behave like he was betrayed and then speak about the ideals of friendship and about what he has done in the past about the other. And then he could perplex things even more by doing himself more things that promote “soap-opera” reactions.

“Soap-opera” is not bad.

No, it’s interesting! But you must always understand that you play a role. Never take these situations seriously. Next time that you get yourself into a situation that seems complicated, take a look of it from a third-person view (press F11 to change the camera :p ) and try to find signs that you cause it yourself. If you manage to set the boundaries between “soap-opera” and real life drama, you could spice up your life and at the same time never be unhappy.

The golden rule.

Do you feel unhappy for some reason? Do you feel that you engage in some complicated situation? Stay a bit back and smile. Nothing can be more serious than your happiness.