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Breaks as in “taking a break”. There are breaks in TV-programs, football matches, sexual intercourse… but here I’m speaking about taking a break in your everyday life.

The river shape – The flow

We may refer to “the flow” most times as “an enhanced way of perceiving” (see Flow on Wikipedia for more) but sometimes it can be a bad situation in your life – See it as a flow that drags you without being able to react. Some people call it routine. To be more precise, when you do something for a long time without major changes in its execution (living for example – yes! living!), you can visualize that certain action taking a “river shape”. You are in the flowing river of actions, on a path that has been forged by routine – You are in a diminished state of awareness. You can’t control a river. Well, you shouldn’t want your life to have the river shape. Read More »


The YOU is a variable. You can affect your close environment, what’s around you. But, the whole everyday life, not to mention the whole universe, has unlimited variables. What does this mean? Statistically, even if you try at your best to do something (I’m talking practical now – about everyday life), your variable is so little against all the things that you can’t take account of that in the end you almost have no power at all.

You can’t go against the flow and be happy.

Did you ever see any piece of wood on the river to be trying to go against the flow? No. It doesn’t have to. The more you try to get a hold of everyday situations, the more unhappy you become: That way, you can’t ever be happy because things will never go your way.

Watch the movie.

Things not going your way doesn’t mean that things will not be great for you. Good things happen unexpectedly. A nice movie is full of surprises. Treat your life like a movie: Sit back and enjoy – You will always know when you have to act.

All the things are tied together. You are the center of the world.

Well, someone could say: “Hey, you egoist! How can you be the center of the world?”. I would not answer to him, because I don’t want to persuade anyone about anything. But, for the purpose of the blog let me say this. People, the only world that you know is the reality that YOU grasp. If it weren’t for your existence no world would be there. Everything exists as long as YOU exist. Disagree? Try to prove me wrong. Did the world exist before you existed? It’s a deep question: Think about it seriously.

Being the center of the world is relaxing?

Yes! It’s not a responsibility – It’s a privilege. Everything else has a responsibility – not you. Anyway, all these things don’t matter. Forget what I said.

Just go with the flow, be careless, be happy. It’s so simple. 🙂


Come on! I said it’s simple. The next time that you feel something like anxiousness, unhappiness or dissatisfaction do the following thing: Take a toilet paper, write the situation that makes you unhappy on it, take a dump and wipe your ass with that piece of paper. You will instantly have a dramatization of the true value of that situation. 🙂

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