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Everyday, while watching my life unfold, I notice various things: One is the beginning of all relationships.

I mean, there is a first time for meeting anyone: Your friends, your lovers, even your parents.

It’s definite that people are of utmost importance to each other. You probably can’t live alone, except if your are a god or a beast. You need others to BE something, you need others to WANT something, you need others to HAVE something. Of course, the overhuman is the one that will surpass all of these limitation, but that’s another subject to open.

So, we can say that:

  1. There is always a first-time meeting for everyone.
  2. Other people are the basis of our lives.

But it’s not only the amount of people that matters. People are different from each other: You can name them one by one, each one of them having a different effect in YOUR life. Read More »


I’m no new-age supporter nor am I any kind of asian religions supporter. Meditation is a universal human ability, not some kind of a religious ritual.

What is meditation?

Ok, if you really want to learn what meditation is, google it. This is my way of viewing meditation. Meditation is when you are able to clean your mind from everything that does not originate from it. It’s when you are able to know what you really want. When you meditate you can either be calm or at 200 heartbeats: that doesn’t matter – you only have to make your mind clear and achieve happiness.

How – Ways to meditate?

  1. Sit down and relax – It’s the common way of meditating. Sit in a dark room, without distractions and concentrate on your thoughts. Then become a bit distant and see how small you are. Without noticing, you will be meditating.
  2. Take a long walk – Nietzsche used to do this, as well as many great minds. Walking in the nature is the best thing to do when you feel depressed. And as you see the nature around you, as the thoughts keep on going in your mind, you will be meditating.
  3. The simulation – Go take a hot bath. Sit down while the hot water pours on you. Feel the cleanliness of your mind and the great sensation of warmth. Try to remember this. Next time you are among people try to simulate this feeling. You will be relaxed in no time and you also have the rare opportunity to meditate while wearing the imaginary “social mask”. People’s intentions will be much more clear.
  4. Read a book – I have noticed that while reading books I tend to make my own thoughts in parallel with watching the story unfold. It’s probably because you create a distraction-free environment while reading, but it’s also because when you read you are activating your brain’s ability to control images. Thinking in images is a great way to see through your problems and you may find yourself turning the pages while solving your personal knots = meditating.
  5. Dance – Put your favorite song on your PC at set the volume at max. Dance to it. It’s so simple – but you have to be totally free while doing it. Close your eyes and dance – This is meditation. Read Paulo Coelho’s book “The witch of Portobello”. It’s about the dancing meditation.
  6. Sleep – Dreams can be the best aid in many situations: Being able to “lucid dream” is also a great way of meditating. “Lucid Dreaming” is being able to understand that your are asleep while living in your dreams. Is there any better way of meditating than being able to control a whole world to your liking?
  7. Love – May it be your family, your friends or your lover, go hug someone, express your love. Having a meaning in your life can be the best form of meditation: It’s absolute focus.

Of course…

…it won’t be necessary to meditate if you feel really close to yourself to begin with. The best way to feel close to yourself is to always act just like your self commands you to. Be spontaneous, not-afraid and free… Your way of living will then be a constant meditation.