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I’m constantly hearing about special or wise people, people that are better than the most of us. Let it be scientists, university teachers, modern philosophers, writers, I hear names that seem more important than mine.

And if this wasn’t enough, I even talk with people that think that they are quite something themselves, much different and wiser than the rest of us.

Heck, my experience tells me that generally, nobody is that special. Read More »


People are egoistic in a way that they come to believe that they can arrange future. They schedule without any disbelief over their predictions. They dream and put their feelings on a calendar. People are stupid; You can’t schedule anything.

You are too small.

And the world is too big. It’s just a matter of variables: You are one variable and your environment is infinite variables. Even if you really have control over your actions – which you don’t -, even then how can you control everything else? Our mind is not made to create a future: Just sit back and enjoy the ride

or become angry and dissapointed.

Where do people usually make the mistake of thinking too deep in the future?

  • A romantic relationship: You make dreams for years in the future, for marriage and kids but you can’t predict the wonderful person that will show up tommorow and “steal your heart”.
  • A friendly relationship: You become so much used to a person’s company that you arrange a future based partially on his/her influence. But you can’t predict that you will be bored of him tomorrow/or that he will die in a car crash.
  • A day’s planning: You say that you will go for dinner at night, but you can’t predict that terrible headache that will make you stay at home

Do you get the point? You never had any control over your life: We are spectators and commentators, maybe even actors, but definitely not directors of our life. Read More »

Everyday, while watching my life unfold, I notice various things: One is the beginning of all relationships.

I mean, there is a first time for meeting anyone: Your friends, your lovers, even your parents.

It’s definite that people are of utmost importance to each other. You probably can’t live alone, except if your are a god or a beast. You need others to BE something, you need others to WANT something, you need others to HAVE something. Of course, the overhuman is the one that will surpass all of these limitation, but that’s another subject to open.

So, we can say that:

  1. There is always a first-time meeting for everyone.
  2. Other people are the basis of our lives.

But it’s not only the amount of people that matters. People are different from each other: You can name them one by one, each one of them having a different effect in YOUR life. Read More »

You may become frustrated by someone. Someone might have an opinion different than yours. Someone might react to things differently than you. A common person would try to change him, to talk to him and persuade him that he is wrong. Well, don’t try to change anybody: Better change yourself!

It’s you that has the problem.

Problems are a matter of perception: Something is a problem only when you consider it to be a problem. It a fact that people cannot change easily and even if they change they are the ones to decide. Try to change someone and the only thing that you will achieve is anger and fail :).

We only have power over ourselves.

You can’t change the other, but you can definitely change yourself. Try changing the way that you react to the things that annoy you. Try to be more relaxed in your relationships. Erase the problems by overlooking them: Everything becomes great once again.

Don’t expect anything from anyone!

Why do you have problems with people anyway? That’s because you expect too much from them. You expect all your friends to be perfect at everything, to never do something that would annoy you. Don’t! People don’t tend to follow your personal standards. Enjoy your relationships with original people: Isn’t it more interesting than being able to predict everything. Life is a learning ground anyway.

One more reason why you shouldn’t want to change anyone.

Well, the people that are by your side change from time to time. Someone that is your friend today may no still be tomorrow. So, in the end, why to spend your time and effort to forge a personality that will eventually leave you? There are only a few people in our lives that deserve our full attention and all of them are probably the thing we call “family”. All the others, let them be themselves. They are temporary, be sure of it.

Problems in human relationships. You have a friend and he acts strangely, in a way you don’t like: The common/wrong reaction would be either to confront him and tell him your problem or to even talk about him to others without his knowledge and thus create an even more bad environment – plus you show your bad side to everyone. If you can talk bad about someone, you can do it about the people that listen in the given time, they know that.

The problem is always YOURS!

If a comet falls down on you, or if a car hits you, well, it probably isn’t much your fault, you can’t change much 😀 , but in human relationships it is always your fault. When there is a problem with someone then you don’t have to change to other: You can’t change him, you don’t have any right to do so. Change yourself! Change the relationship itself: Relationships are lines that connect people: You can cut them anytime.

Get out of the “it should last forever” delusion…

People are always afraid to end a relationship. I tell you, many times the ending of a relationship can be so much more an improvement for your life than the beginning of one. Relationships aren’t meant to last forever. When a relationship is bad, break it!: If you shouldn’t have done so, it will fix itself in the future.

Prevention is the best measure, always.

Well, if you are smart enough you can probably stay away of many unpleasant relationships with people. Just try to hold a simple distance from the people that you first meet: Do a “test drive” on their minds and quality. If they pass the test and you know that they are fine people then try to get them close and establish a friendship. Generally, avoid people that smell “bad behavior” from miles away.

Less is more.

This is a golden rule that applies everywhere, but on this subject: Don’t have close relationships with many people, it’s hard to manage. Have the fewest friends possible. Try to keep the greatest of your environment by you and all the mediocre a little bit away. Still, have an “emergency escape” ready: You really never know…