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Because it’s a need. A need like wanting to eat, wanting to sleep, it’s exactly the same thing.

It’s called DNA… And yeah, it screams “I need exercise”!

You see, our body used to work out for millions of years. It wasn’t until the last years that we got machines to do every of our work, that we didn’t have to leave our house to talk to someone (see Internet). There is a great quote saying: “Use it or lose it”.

Use it or lose it.

The body is exceptionally smart. It does everything it needs to survive, yet cuts all of the unnecessary energy-spending. You not burning fat is just the result of a great mechanism of the body that stored energy for your times in need. If it didn’t store fat, ancient people (that had no plethora of food everyday) would easily die in a matter of days without eating. But, it’s that wonderful mechanism that makes us fat today: People are not moving and that’s not normal, so the energy-storing function becomes a bad enemy to us. Well, the function can’t be changed (it’s been in us for quite some million years), but you can definitely change your way of living.

Get out there!

Buy a new pair of ASICS (I prefer them 🙂 ) running shoes and go have some easy exercise. And even then, don’t think that you are doing something special: It’s common sense that you burn some calories by exercising everyday.

Get in there!

When you finally become adjusted to having to move (ironic, isn’t it?), go to the nearest gym and ask for a personal training program. Make it a habit!

Exercising is not an option!

It’s not something that you CAN do if you want to live better. It’s something you MUST do.

I’m going to discuss the whole exercising subject in later posts. Until then, move.


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